The Indoor Cat’s Guide to a Joyful Life: 6 Easy Ways

Updated: July 18, 2023


Indoor cats have proven to enjoy a longer, healthier life while also minimizing their impact on the environment compared to their outdoor counterparts. However, the challenge lies in ensuring their happiness and contentment within the confines of a home setting.

The world beyond the windows teems with allure for our feline friends: the beckoning call of trees to be climbed, fences to be conquered, wildlife to be chased, and fellow cats to engage in playful encounters. As responsible pet owners, it becomes our duty to address these natural instincts and desires.

Thankfully, keeping your indoor cat content is a task that can be achieved with relative ease. The key lies in recreating the excitement and novelty that the outside world provides. By doing so, you can enrich your beloved cat’s life while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

But fear not, creating an engaging indoor space for your feline companion need not be complicated. There are simple yet effective tricks that you can employ to provide ample enrichment. These strategies will not only keep your indoor cat entertained but also contribute to their overall well-being and happiness.

4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

Buy or Build a Cat Tree

Cats are naturally drawn to climbing; it’s an inherent aspect of their behavior. Being in elevated positions not only offers them a sense of security but also allows them to escape from the hustle and bustle at ground level while giving them a vantage point to survey their surroundings.

As a result, you’ll often find your feline companion perched atop your refrigerator, bookshelf, or even the molding above doors. When such vertical spaces are out of reach, they’ll still attempt to find elevated spots like the back of the couch or your headboard to satisfy their climbing instincts.

Regrettably, many indoor cats lack adequate opportunities for climbing, which can affect their happiness. This is where acquiring or constructing a cat tree can significantly improve their well-being.

A cat tree designed with multiple levels, varied textures, cozy cubbies, and enticing platforms may not precisely replicate a real tree, but it comes remarkably close! Your cat can joyfully ascend to their desired height, leap up and down, indulge in scratching the posts, and ultimately relax on their preferred “branch” of the tree. Providing them with this simulated climbing experience will keep them content and fulfilled within the indoor environment.

Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are essential items for every cat owner. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, which helps them maintain healthy claws, stretch their muscles, and mark their territory with scent glands on their paws. Providing appropriate scratching posts can prevent them from damaging furniture or other household items.

When choosing a scratching post, consider these factors:

  • Sturdiness: Select a post that is stable and won’t wobble during use. Cats prefer scratching on something that feels secure and provides resistance.

  • Material: Scratching posts can be made of various materials, including sisal rope, carpet, cardboard, or wood. Sisal rope is often preferred because it provides a satisfying texture for scratching and lasts longer than carpet or cardboard.

  • Height: Cats like to stretch when they scratch, so choose a post that is tall enough for them to fully extend their bodies.

  • Location: Place the scratching post in a prominent and easily accessible area where your cat spends a lot of time. Corners or near favorite resting spots are often ideal.

  • Multiple Posts: If you have more than one cat or a multi-story home, consider having multiple scratching posts to cater to their individual preferences and reduce any territorial conflicts.

  • Positive Reinforcement: Encourage your cat to use the scratching post by rewarding them with treats or praise when they use it appropriately. You can also place catnip or catnip spray on the post to attract them.

  • Regular Maintenance: Inspect the scratching post regularly for signs of wear and tear. If it becomes frayed or damaged, replace it to ensure your cat has a safe and enjoyable scratching experience.

Bring the Greenery Inside

The allure of the great outdoors lies in its lush greenery, comprising grassy lawns, textured shrubs, and shady trees, all of which create a profound connection to nature for your beloved cat while providing ample opportunities for enrichment.

Indoors, where surfaces tend to be soft, smooth, or artificial, cats can easily grow bored and restless, yearning for the touch of nature. However, you can address this longing by cultivating a cat-friendly indoor garden, bringing a slice of the outdoors inside.

To begin, consider planting a tray of cat grass. This delightful addition is not only easy to grow but also a favorite among cats who thoroughly enjoy munching on it, making it an excellent investment for your feline friend’s happiness.

Mint, with its fragrant appeal and rapid growth, is another favorite among felines and a must-have for your cat garden.

Similarly, lemongrass, which flourishes indoors, carries a scent that cats adore, adding to the sensory delights of the garden. An added bonus is that you can utilize the fresh mint and lemongrass in your own culinary endeavors.

No cat garden would be complete without the inclusion of catnip. If your furry companion belongs to the 50% of felines who respond ecstatically to catnip’s effects, planting it in your indoor garden will undoubtedly transform your cat into the happiest feline on Earth, whether they are indoors or yearning for the outdoors.

Rotate Toys and Rearrange

Rotating toys and rearranging your cat’s play area are simple yet effective ways to keep your feline friend engaged and prevent boredom. Cats can quickly lose interest in toys if they are constantly available, but by periodically introducing new items and changing the environment, you can maintain their curiosity and excitement. Here’s how to do it:

  • Toy Rotation: Instead of leaving all toys out at once, store some away in a designated container. Every few days or weeks, swap the toys in your cat’s play area with the ones in storage. This change will make the “new” toys seem novel and interesting again.

  • Introduce Interactive Toys: Include interactive toys that require your cat’s participation, such as wand toys with feathers or toys with hidden treats. These toys mimic the thrill of hunting, keeping your cat mentally stimulated and physically active.

  • Cardboard Boxes and Paper Bags: Cats love exploring new spaces. Leave out cardboard boxes or paper bags for them to investigate and hide in. Remember to remove handles or plastic parts from bags to prevent any risks.

  • Create Obstacle Courses: Rearrange furniture and add obstacles like tunnels or blankets to create an ever-changing play environment. Cats enjoy exploring new paths and spaces.

  • Scent Swap: Occasionally swap bedding or toys between cats if you have multiple feline companions. The exchange of scents can be intriguing for them and helps build positive associations.

  • Window Views: Position your cat’s favorite resting spot or scratching post near different windows to provide changing views of the outside world. Watching birds or squirrels can be fascinating for indoor cats.

  • Outdoor Enclosure: If possible, consider setting up an outdoor enclosure or “catio” for supervised outdoor time. This safe space provides a whole new world of sights, sounds, and smells for your indoor cat to explore.

Install a Cat Perch or Catio

A cozy afternoon nap in a secure and sunlit spot is an irresistible invitation for any cat.

Regrettably, numerous indoor cats lack access to such appealing spots. If your home lacks a large, sunny windowsill for your feline friend to bask in, there’s a simple solution: a padded window perch.

Available in most pet stores, these perches can be securely installed on any window, providing a soft and inviting surface for your cat to indulge in peaceful naps, neighborhood watch, or simply hanging out and enjoying the view.

For a touch of luxury, consider a window catio, giving your cat the star treatment. Constructed with mesh, glass, and/or sturdy transparent plastic, these catios come with a platform extending outside your window, offering your cat the pleasure of sunbathing and breathing in fresh air.

Functioning akin to a window air conditioning unit, these window catios create a unique space that blends the indoors and outdoors, providing your feline companion with a safe and engaging environment. Some catios are compact like air conditioners, while others stretch out and down to the ground, forming a protected outdoor playpen where your cat can revel in playful exploration.

Spend Quality Time with Your Cat Every Day

Outdoor cats have the opportunity to encounter a wide array of creatures during their adventures, from other cats and dogs to people, livestock, and local wildlife. In contrast, an indoor cat’s social circle is significantly more restricted, comprising only of their human family members and other pets in the household.

For indoor cats, the need for daily playtime and affection from their owners is even more vital. The lack of external stimulation and exploration can lead to boredom and a buildup of pent-up energy, which may manifest in destructive behaviors, anxiety, or even depression.

Hence, it is crucial to dedicate time each day to play with your indoor cat. Keep a diverse selection of toys and activities on rotation to keep their interest piqued and their minds engaged in various ways.

Once a good play session has left your feline companion tuckered out, seize the opportunity to curl up with them on the couch. While you read or watch TV, offer comforting pets and affection. Remember, for an indoor cat, your home constitutes their entire world, so it’s essential to fill it with love and care!

Caring for Your Cat (Video)

Frequently Asked Question

How can I stay active indoors?

Engage in daily play sessions with your owner using interactive toys like wand toys, laser pointers, or puzzle feeders. Additionally, utilize vertical spaces and scratching posts to climb and stretch.

What can I do if I feel bored?

Keep your mind stimulated by rotating toys, rearranging your play area, or exploring new hiding spots. Window views, bird feeders, or calming music can also provide entertainment.

How do I satisfy my natural hunting instincts?

Use puzzle feeders or food-dispensing toys to simulate the hunting experience. This challenges your problem-solving skills and provides mental stimulation.

What if I miss the outdoors?

Create a safe outdoor space like a window catio or enclosed balcony where you can enjoy fresh air, sunlight, and observe the outside world.

How can I stay mentally stimulated?

Provide scratching posts, cat trees, and perches to explore different heights. Puzzle toys, treat balls, and training sessions can also engage your mind.

How do I maintain a healthy weight?

Stick to a balanced diet recommended by your veterinarian and measure your portions accurately. Engage in regular play sessions to burn off excess energy and maintain a healthy weight.

What can I do if I crave social interaction?

Seek companionship from your owners and engage in interactive playtime. Consider adopting another cat for feline companionship, ensuring proper introductions are made.

How do I keep calm and reduce stress?

Create designated safe spaces where you can retreat when feeling overwhelmed. Provide hiding spots, cozy beds, and calming pheromone diffusers to create a peaceful environment.


Being an indoor cat can be a joyful and fulfilling experience when provided with the right environment and care. By understanding your natural instincts and needs, your owners can create a space that keeps you physically and mentally stimulated. Engaging in daily playtime, exploring different toys and activities, and having access to window views can prevent boredom and provide enriching experiences.

Your well-being is a top priority, and your owners should strive to maintain a balanced diet, encourage exercise, and provide a safe and calm environment to reduce stress. Remember that your home is your sanctuary, filled with love and companionship from your human family.

As an indoor cat, you have the opportunity to enjoy a secure and contented life. Embrace the toys, the play, and the affection offered to you, and know that you are cherished and cared for. With the proper guidance and attention from your owners, you can lead a joyful and fulfilling life indoors, surrounded by love and happiness.

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