About Us

Updated: July 8, 2023


Well, hello there – and welcome to Cat Guide 101!

My name is Charles, and I’m the founder of CatCheckup.com. The name, Cat Guide 101, was chosen to make the site more memorable since we’re providing helpful information about cats and their behavior.

The story of this website begins circa 1993 when an older Siamese cat with 3 legs visited my grandmother. Yes, you read that correctly – 3 legs!

The cat, who my grandmother later named Hoppie — for obvious reasons! — literally just made himself a home under her outdoor patio. We had never seen him before and had no idea from where he came. Luckily for Hoppie, my grandmother had a soft spot for animals, so he was quickly adopted into the family.

For the years Hoppie lived with my grandparents, he was seemingly the life of every gathering, seeking out attention and love from everyone around him. He had these big, bright blue eyes and a loud, distinct meow that immediately got people’s attention. And there’s no doubt he enjoyed using it to get affection — which was mostly just a precursor to jumping on you, laying on his back, and demanding that his belly be rubbed!

Sadly Hoppie passed away in 1998, but he was never forgotten. After all, who could forget a 3-legged cat?! But he’s remembered fondly and for a lot more.

I’ve always been passionate about animals and their well-being, particularly cats. So because of Hoppie’s physical condition, I spent a lot of time asking questions of Veterinarians (my Mom volunteers at an animal shelter) and learning as much as I could about animals. And the learning has never stopped.

So I created CatCheckup.com (as well as a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest page) to provide answers to important questions I initially had concerning Hoppie, and since him, many more of his ilk.

Since you’re here, I imagine you likely own a cat — or two! — so helping you understand why cats behave as they do, how they interact with the world, what their needs are, how to care for them, etc., are important things to know, and we’re more than happy to help.

I hope that this little site adds some value — and entertainment — to your experiences with cats. 🙂

And if you haven’t had a chance to browse the site, and just want a quick overview, click here. Thanks for stopping by!